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After 2 whole days of contemplation and research, I have come up with a draft for the first prototype for my Air Treks. For those who are a bit confused, my husband and I have a skit planned for Matsuricon this year. We agreed before Ohayocon that he could pick the next pairing we do together and he wanted to do Ringo and Ikki from Air Gear. After a bit of research and lack of reference pictures, I chose to make Ringo's mange volume 6 cover outfit. He wants to do Ikki's Kogaramasu uniform. He keeps insisting on using PVC for the jacket and pants and after the debacle with Yoko's shorts, I'm am sternly refusing. Unless of course, I could find PVC exactly the same as the gold I used for my Ashford Uniform. I have ordered some swatches for some potential fabric choices, but they're not going to get here until like Wednesday.

Anyways.... The Air Treks are the skates the have in the series. It's basically a combination of roller skates and roller blades. The roller skate aspect is the shoe itself and the way the plate is attached to the actual shoe. The roller blade part is the type of wheel used and the plate itself. So, after searching countless websites for potential roller skates/blades to use yesterday, I thought I would give up by tonight. Well, I had an epiphany this morning. What if I make the skates myself? What if I buy shoes to alter and then buy the plates and install them into the shoes myself? Although I did find this nice tutorial on how to make your own skates, I couldn't find any plates that would work. SO! I was nearly in the process of giving up when I thought, what if I make the plate myself?

So I going to attempt to make a basic prototype soon of the ATs I need. I just plan to take an old pair of shoes I never wear for the prototype and perhaps some old roller blade wheels. My first draft is going to have the plate made out of basic wood. The wheels will be sanded flat on two sides and a large screw will be put through the shoe, the attachment plate, as well as the wheel. It will help keep everything in place. There are other steps in this, but overall, I'm hoping it will look nice.

I'll keep you guys posted on the result of the prototype!

playin gamez
I might be going to Acen. Not 100% sure on that one yet, but I should know by the weekend. If I can go, I'll probably finish Euphie's Ashford uniform and her Princess dress. They're just sitting there saying, "Finish me". XD

Post Anime Punch '09 stuff
I only went on Saturday, mainly for the cosplay competition. There was really NOTHING to do. I attended the last 15 or so minutes of Beat the Geeks and that was interesting, but for the most part it was really boring compared to past years. I'm glad I only went for Saturday. I can't even imagine if I had wasted money on a hotel room and a badge for the whole weekend. >.>

I did however win an award on my Epic Euphie dress. They named my award: "Wannabe Japan-a-file Princess". XD I'm glad to have won a well deserved and earned award on it, but I'm a little bummed since I am now in the Journeyman judging category. I know there aren't too many Journeyman's out there (there are usually more Novice than anything), but I'm worried I won't win another award. :'(

I know that's not the case here. After I finish Myu Jupiter, I intend to finish up mine and my husband's Ashford Uniforms. I'm thinking of making one of Euphie's outfits though for Matsuricon. Perhaps her Princess Ballgown... It really depends on how well my Ashford Uniforms turn out. I do have my Ohayocon 2010 cosplay picked out. I know I said I was going to make Sakura from Tsubasa, but I don't feel like buying a new wig or anything until I have satisfied my urge to cosplay Euphie. XD

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I'm debating on how large I want to make her wings and how I want to make them. If I go with gigantic wings instead of medium to large wings, then I need to find a suitable way to make them fold. What size do you think I should make her wings?

FINALLY!!! (...almost...)
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So like my Myu trim would have gotten here today, except in turns out that I have to sign for it... Yeah... Going to pick it up at the Post Office tomorrow though, so I'll have it then.

playin gamez
So I am officially going to Anime Punch this year. Just for Saturday though. More or less to prove to the world that my Euphie cosplay is amazing and definitely deserves recognition for it. I swear though, if I walk away empty handed again, I don't know what I'll do.

I also started working on my Myu Jupiter cosplay today. Not much since I am still, yes still, waiting on my Myu trim. >.> I got started on her little green hair thingies and they will clip into the wig to make transporting it much easier. I intend to have all the rhinestones glued onto it tonight and test them out on hair clips to see how they would work out and such. If they don't work, I just wasted like $1 buying some of them, and it's back to the drawing board for those. XD

Still waiting on my Myu trim. I knew it would take a while, but I ordered it like 2 freaking weeks ago. Hurry up and get here! I need to get started on this already!!! >.<

I'm apart of this CG RP (takes place 100 years after the series, so nothing, but custom charries) and I RP the 2nd Princess of the new Britannian Empire. Well today...

...She died... T.T

Sort of. She fell into Lake Kawaguchi and appeared to have drowned. So she's dead to everyone, but the Geass Directorate have her now and have changed her hair color to be black permanently. Because of lack of oxygen to her brain she has amnesia and doesn't remember anything. So now, she's no longer the 2nd Princess of Britanna, but an assassin for the Geass Directorate. >.>

So I changed my mind...
After much persuasion, my friend talked me going back to Ohayocon, to basically give the con another chance. If they piss me off again I'm definitely never going back there. I've also changed my mind about what I will be cosplaying. I went out and searched for more Tsubasa art on photobucket and stumbled across this awesome Sakura that I want to do.

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I can't wait to get started on it, but I've got to make Myu Jupiter first. Since I want this to be perfect, I plan to start on it right after the STS performance in May. That way I won't burn myself out doing an ass load in a month. >.> I'm seriously so excited about this, I actually dreamed about making it and wearing it. I think the only thing I'm going to have a problem with is getting a hold of that many bells. Hopefully I can find them before the Christmas season starts, if not. I'll wait till after Christmas when they're ridiculously cheap. :D

I still plan to make the Halloween Sakura for a con around Halloween time, or just for Halloween. I'll take it to Ohayocon as well. I'll take a break from working on the above Sakura to make Halloween Sakura as it's not nearly as hard or time consuming.

Oh and what would you recommend making the golden see-through cage ball out of. I have a few ideas of how to go about making it, but I'm unsure as to which material to use to actually make it.

I have decided my next projects!
sparkly eyes
Since I'm going to have Myu Jupiter done by May, I figured I might as well decide on my next project. And yes, they are Sakura from Tsubasa since I somehow got myself hooked on the series once more. :D

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Cosplay/STS Update
So got my tax return today. Bought just about everything I need to make my Sera Myu Jupiter fuku. I still need PVC and stuff to make bows out of. I like cannot find pink tissue lame anywhere. >.> Everyone has fuschia. Bastards... ANYWAYS. Since I ordered a butt load of my stuff online, I have to wait for it to get here before I can really do anything. Like my Myu trim and beads... I can make my bodice and my skirts... But that's about as far as it goes. Until I get trim and such.

I bought my Civilian outfit as well today. I like it. Although they only had smalls left of the jacket, I bought it anyway. I tried it on at home over top of my polo I was wearing, and it fit just fine. Wasn't super clingy like I thought it might have been.

GarasuNoShiCon is where the STS girls will be performing our first hour long performance. Yay! It'll be on Saturday and admission is free. Head over to the site and check some stuff out. As for the dance practice and such, out of around 8 songs I have to learn, I have one down. Just needs polishing and fine-tuning to be perfect now. :D My first deadline is this Monday so, let's hope I can fix a lot of stuff before I submit my video.
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